A Heritage of Men’s Best

Our journey began many years ago in Nottinghamshire, England were a young and eager Polish immigrant barber named Michal started to make men feel good about themselves one haircut at a time. Michal is the inspiration for the brand. A patriarch whose story carries from Poland to England, and then on to Canada where he opened his first barbershop and continued his chosen trade of expertly catering to the details of upscale men’s grooming and styling.

While Michal is the inspiration, his grandson Max is the face of the brand. Max is a thoroughly modern man, steeped in the sartorial wisdom handed down to him, yet drawn by both to traditional values and contemporary style.

We pull from their contrasting outlook which gives us our signature vision to craft extraordinary products.

A Passion for Perfection

We are a mens lifestyle brand employing superior ingredients, advanced formulations, high-quality materials and artisan craftsmanship in the creation of premium grooming products, artifacts, accoutrements, and wearable accessories for the modern man. Michal & Max™ gives men the refined tools to help them look and feel extraordinary.

Hair, Shave and Skincare

Our hair, shave and skincare products are cosmetically advanced formulations, using highly beneficial ingredients each carefully chosen to perform effortlessly and give you confidence in your appearance. The ingredients we use are those proven to achieve desirable results, and we use top quality ingredients, in the correct amount, in order to make our formulations perform flawlessly.

Wearable Accessories & Accoutrement

Our accessories are crafted by collaborating with highly-regarded artisans. Our aim is to design and create objects of desire for men, so that you can use better quality things that have real value and are made to last. Our approach is rooted in a time when people connected with the objects in their life. Heirloom pieces passed down through generations were the norm, and artisans were known for the things they created. These objects were intended to last a lifetime, and if they didn't, you would have them repaired. This perspective has been lost in modern society, and we believe it is time for a resurgence on quality.

New Products and Launches

We Build Confidence a product at a Time

From the outset we intended to work on one product at a time, design, formulate, test and perfect it ...and only then will we launch it. It is our way of building trust and confidence with our customers in our products. We start work on the next product as soon as the last one has launched, and we have many excellent products already planned for the future. So while you may not see our complete range on this website, you can be assured that what is there is exceptional, and what will come next will be just as good.

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