The effective ingredients in our Anti-Aging Moisturizer were uncompromisingly chosen specifically for the needs and traits of men’s skin. Masterfully formulated to work in synergy, these select ingredients offer doses of nutrients, superfoods for the skin, and nourishment from plant extracts long used in treatments by both modern and ancient healers. 


Hyaluronic Acid

Reduces the appearance of
fine lines and wrinkles.

Safflower Seed Oil
Slows down the appearance
of aging.

Tamanu Seed Oil

Keeps skin moisturized,
and assists anti-aging.

Rose Extract

Cleanses the skin and
prevents blemishes.


Anti-inflammatory, and contains
essential oils and antioxidants.

Marigold Extract

Anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory
and antibacterial properties.

Cocoa Butter

Hydrates, nourishes the skin
and improves elasticity.

 Aloe Leaf Extract

Contains antioxidants, enzymes,
and essential vitamins.

Witch Hazel

Relieves inflammation, 
and helps prevent razor bumps.

Shea Butter

Anti-aging and anti-free radical
that increases circulation to the skin.

Arnica Montana

Helps soothe and reduce
inflammation as well as acne.

Olive Leaf Extract

Protects against the harsh effects of
UV sunlight and the elements.

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